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Welcome to Brian Moore Photography.

I shoot pictures every day using film as well as digital cameras. But mostly film cameras. Why do I still shoot mostly with film when digital cameras are so convenient? There are several reasons.

First, I simply love the look of film. Granted, film images often seem less sharp than digital pictures. Yet therein for me lies the beauty of the film image. There is a magic in them when they show that dreamy quality that conjures your memories. Also I love the variety of films available, with each emulsion providing the photographer unique characteristics that cannot be duplicated in a digital camera. Finally there is the suspense. Shooting with film requires the photographer to have faith in his skills and vision. After all, you won't know what's on the film until you get it developed.

And yet, there is no doubt that digital photography is here to stay and modern digital cameras allow the photographer to respond quickly to a client's needs with high resolution imagery.

I invite you to spend a moment or two looking at the pictures here on my site. I sincerely hope you like them.

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